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Someday Stops Here

Start Playing Today

Do You Ever Feel Stuck?

"I taught myself from YouTube videos, but they can only take you so far."


"So much advice from so many different places. It makes my head spin!"

"I need someone to help me put it all together so I can actually play."

Personal Coaching for Self-Taught Pianists & Keyboardists

"After a lesson I go home and I’m able to do in minutes what I wasn’t able to do for a week on my own." - Ben G.

  • Personalized feedback and advice

  • Based on Your learning style and preferences

  • Proven practice techniques that Work

Blast Through Your Learning Roadblocks

  • Learn in your chosen style - the music you most want to play

  • Discover the secrets to moving fluently and easily across the keyboard

  • Click those puzzle pieces into place - understand the Why and How that ties everything together so that Music Makes Sense


Click below to read what students are saying: 

"I am still a beginner, but I feel like I am learning really fast, and Marcy's teaching skills have just helped me grow. I would highly recommend her as a teacher especially if you are new like me." -Dylan D.

Video Spotlight

All music is made up of chords and scales. Rather than hand students a book of exercises, I tend to let the music itself guide our study. Here's a window into the way I use pop music to improve piano skills

Are You Ready to Take Your Playing to the Next Level?

Flexible scheduling options

  • Live coaching sessions online

  • Open line of communication between sessions via text and video chat

  • Video exchange coaching (record at your leisure, wait for response)

Online resources:

  • Backing tracks for practice

  • Pre-recorded Tutorials & Reminder Videos

  • Recordings of your live sessions (optional)

"I've been working with Marcy online for about 4 months.  I felt stuck in my growth and the progress was very very slow. Her online teaching is fantastic. I was having issues in learning sheet music and her style of teaching has helped me tremendously.  She clearly brought a difficult lesson into an understandable format. I'm excited to see how much progress I'll make in another four months. I would highly recommend Marcy to bring you into the next level." - Tom B.

Video Spotlight

Here's a peek into one of the more popular books in the studio. A flexible learning strategy means we can adapt pieces like this to make them easier or more difficult until the level is 'just right.

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