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Salem-Keizer Piano For Adults

Someday Stops Here.

Start Playing Today.

"I have had a great experience taking lessons from Marcy! I'm in my ninth month and have learned to play many of my favorite 70's songs! She will teach whatever you desire and in a method that's easily understood." - Brenda L.

We all come with a history - musical highlights and inspirations, and sometimes baggage, too. Of all the stories I've heard, the most heartbreaking are from those people who were discouraged at a young age:


"You'll never be good enough."

"You can't learn this."

"You're just not musical."


Imagine believing such things for the first 30, 40, 50 years of your life. The real tragedy is that it's simply not true.


With the right approach, anyone can play.


In the words of my students:


"I can't believe how quickly I can play real music!"

"It feels easy!"

"Practice is so much fun."

"Highly recommend Marcy as a piano teacher - she is flexible and works with your learning style to make sure you're getting the material in the format you prefer." - Amanda R.

Online Options Available

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Video Spotlight

It's amazing how quickly beginners can play 'real' music if we use chords and finger patterns. Here's a peek into the fun options available to students after only 6 weeks of lessons

For pianists with a bit more experience, here is one of the more popular books in the studio. A flexible learning strategy means we can adapt pieces like this to make them easier or more difficult until the level is 'just right.'

Questions about piano lessons? Want to schedule a FREE trial lesson? I'd love to hear from you.

Studio Location

North Keizer, near the intersection of Lockhaven and River Road

*Online/Distance Learning Available

What Students Are Saying:

"Marcy is an amazing piano teacher. I'm am adult new to piano and Marcy has been the most patient teacher. She is very knowledgeable about playing piano and about teaching piano. She listens to your aspirations and customizes the lessons towards those goals while keeping it interesting and engaging. Highly recommended!!"   - Ben G.

"Marcy is a wonderful teacher! She is easy going, patient and encouraging!  She lets me pick the pieces I enjoy playing and suggests ones she believes I will like (and she is right!). I am an adult who played piano decades ago and am attempting to relearn the instrument. Marcy understands the challenges associated with that because she had to relearn at one point, also. I highly recommend Marcy!"  - Laura F.


"Love your studio. I like your style of getting us playing some fun stuff early, and filling in details later. I've learned more quicker than I would have thought possible."  - John K.

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What Students Are Saying
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